Is your website an expense or an investment?

Are you like many other businesses who look at a website as a necessary evil?

The cost involved in hiring a designer or developer to build your website.The time it takes to write the content to go onto the website.Do you buy stock photos or hire a photographer?Or maybe you could take the photos yourself with your phone. That would save some money!

Today more than ever businesses need an online presence, but we need to understand the value a well structured and managed website can add to your business. It should be opening doors, not creating headaches and anxiety!

And this stands true for any size business – small, medium enterprise… it doesn’t matter. Understanding that your website is like another department in your business and that it needs to offer a good ROI is how we need to approach it.

Well structured and planned websites give you the ability to:•  Increase enquiries•  Increase sales•  Reach a wider, international audience•  Increase awareness of your brand•  Increase awareness of your products/services•  Portray your brand in a positive light•  Educate people about your organisation•  Improved customer service

And that’s not everything, but if you were able to increase just one of these items through your website, then case closed. That expense you saw your website as has now started paying for itself. High fives all round!

If you’re considering a new website, regardless wether your sell products or offer services, having a well designed well structured website will only make a positive difference to your business. Generate new leads, nurture new and existing customers, educate your customers and you cant go wrong.

If your interested in discovering how a new website can help open new doors for your business, register your interest today and lets schedule a time to chat.


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